What’s Going On

I could explain about my identity being stolen, but it’s just annoying. So here are some videos of the kiddos instead.

I love seeing Laine “cruising.” Isaac never did this. He would crawl over to something and stand up. He very rarely, if ever, actually continued to walk around it. He preferred to only walk forwards – holding a walker or someone’s hands.

It’s chilly outside today, so we had a little indoor water-play.

Making her way around the bathroom. Todd leaves for Europe tomorrow morning. He’s returning late Friday night. I told him he’d better hurry or he may miss Laine’s first steps. She can stand without holding on now and likes to do it. I haven’t yet caught it on video, but she’s also started to assess whether she can take a step or two to get to something that’s just beyond her reach.

Just another day…

Laine is finally starting to eat solid foods. My sister gave me this great recipe for stuffed burgers. It’s a good thing the recipe makes 6 burgers because Isaac can down half of one and now Laine wants to get in on the action, too!

This is how we prefer to work off all of that hamburger:

Road Rally

Isaac has a new favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s not bad, as kids’ cartoons go. There’s a reason Disney is worth so much money… Anyway, they have an episode called “Road Rally” where Mickey and all of his friends each take a different type of vehicle and go on a little road trip. It’s not a race – it’s a road rally. Isaac loves this notion. Now any time Laine stands up to walk, Isaac announces a road rally and takes off after her. I have great fun trying to keep him from mowing down his sister and still keep encouraging him to run around and enjoy being a kid. Here are a few of the road rallies from the last week.

We took a family walk on Sunday. We almost didn’t get out of the park next door:

Yesterday was 70 degrees and sunny in the late afternoon. It was a rainy morning, which made for the perfect conditions to play in the yard for a while before it finally got dark.

I swear I also take still photos, but the kids are in such constant motion that this is a better way to capture them these days. This way you can hear them, as well, so you can have a better idea of what’s going on in our little piece of paradise.

The Latest Videos

Here’s what’s been happening in our neck of the woods.

Laine turned 10 months old and is the cutest baby girl I know:

Isaac loves her (when he can smoosh her):

Laine started practicing walking (and now you know why I don’t post more often). These were taken on January 29, so you can get an idea of how she’s progressing:

January 30:

February 4:

Kids playing in the sandbox on a sunny day:

Laine invading Isaac’s personal space, which she does a LOT:

I picked up Isaac after school yesterday and we worked on getting out some wiggles before getting in the car to come home for lunch and a nap:

Sometimes, Laine takes a break from learning to walk:

Isaac’s grandparents got him a spray bottle and a squeegee for Christmas. He’s been “washing the windows” with water for a few days now. He loves doing it! I follow him around and try to keep him from soaking things other than the windows. It’s been great for developing the muscles in his hands.

Our little fireman loves water. I finally gave up and ordered him rain boots today. When Austin doesn’t get rain for 9 months, I can now be blamed. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the update! It’s not that I haven’t had anything going on… I am just quite busy chasing 2 little people around the house, yard, school, 

The Road to Crawling

A story in videos…

October 16:

November 18:

November 19:

November 21:

November 28:

December 9:

December 28:

Also December 28 (roughly 1 minute after the last video):

Since I shot the last vidoe, Laine has not done a *single* belly crawl to get anywhere. LOL! She has been low-crawling to various places like the bookshelf, the small trampoline, or the bottom stair and then pulling herself up to a stand. She’s not confident enough to stand upright, but she does get her feet under her while she remains bent forward. If she could reach a little higher, I have no doubt that she’d be standing upright most of the time. Good news for mommy, however, is that “real” crawling seems to be new and exciting enough to delay her *wanting* to stand in one place, so she’s just motoring around and not standing for the last day or so. This is great because she stood on her own 5 times, at increasingly longer lengths, on Christmas Day.

Touch a Truck

Yes, this was like a month ago. Yes, I am just now posting. Sorry.

This was Todd’s birthday weekend. It was a free event in Round Rock where kids and parents got to climb on and into various types of trucks. Every little kid’s (and grandpa’s) dream, right? 🙂 Isaac had a very good time running up and down the ramps of the moving truck, but his favorite part was definitely the big sand pit where he could dig with plastic shovels. He was there for quite a while! Mom held our place in line at the backhoe loader until it got close. He also got to sit in a dump truck and a garbage truck. It was a bit scary to be so close to the trucks, I think. The theory is fun and exciting, but those trucks are pretty big when you’re not quite 3′ tall!

Isaac wore this sticker on his pj’s and his shirts every day until it wouldn’t stick any longer.

Driving the backhoe!

Family photo:

Judy had some more photos that I didn’t get. Unfortunately, our computers don’t like one another, so I am not able to include hers in this post.


I do think about blogging. Honest. It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks with various fundraisers. Here’s what has been happening in the meantime:

October 14, Isaac demonstrates his “bouncing”

Laine sitting earlier this month, I think these are from the 15th:

This was the 21st:

At bed time the other night, Isaac decided to talk to Nana on the “phone.” The following night, I took this video of him using the dimmer switch as a phone instead.

Laine’s Halfy Birthday!

I intended to post this yesterday, but our computer got the best of me. It turns off automatically after 20 minutes of no activity. Unfortunately, YouTube uploading a video without me doing anything to it doesn’t count as “activity,” so it took me a lot longer than expected. I have figured out how to temporarily disable that option, so I finally got this finished.

I can’t believe my baby girl is already 6 months old! She is such a tremendous joy. She is a sweet, happy little soul. I am so thankful for the light she brings into our lives. I will take her to the doctor next week, so I should have new “stats” on her then.

I got a little overzealous with the camera yesterday. I think you will get a laugh out of some of these photos, though, so I am posting all of them.

Laine had pureed carrots today – her very first bite of real food!

After she decided not to eat, I let her play with the spoon a bit to see if that would get her more comfortable with the idea.

After a nap, we tried again:

By the end of two tries, I would estimate that Laine actually swallowed about 1/16 of a teaspoon of carrots.

This is the dress Laine wore home from the hospital. I seem to remember that it fit her reasonably well and wasn’t too big on her:

I don’t know why these are sideways. They are saved correctly on my computer. Blogger won’t allow me to rotate them, so you’ll have to turn your head. 🙂

Laine with “size comparison” Cabbage Patch Kid. 🙂 

Re-commence head-tilting:

As expected, I ended up with a bit of help towards the end of the process: