Road Rally

Isaac has a new favorite show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It’s not bad, as kids’ cartoons go. There’s a reason Disney is worth so much money… Anyway, they have an episode called “Road Rally” where Mickey and all of his friends each take a different type of vehicle and go on a little road trip. It’s not a race – it’s a road rally. Isaac loves this notion. Now any time Laine stands up to walk, Isaac announces a road rally and takes off after her. I have great fun trying to keep him from mowing down his sister and still keep encouraging him to run around and enjoy being a kid. Here are a few of the road rallies from the last week.

We took a family walk on Sunday. We almost didn’t get out of the park next door:

Yesterday was 70 degrees and sunny in the late afternoon. It was a rainy morning, which made for the perfect conditions to play in the yard for a while before it finally got dark.

I swear I also take still photos, but the kids are in such constant motion that this is a better way to capture them these days. This way you can hear them, as well, so you can have a better idea of what’s going on in our little piece of paradise.

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