The Latest Videos

Here’s what’s been happening in our neck of the woods.

Laine turned 10 months old and is the cutest baby girl I know:

Isaac loves her (when he can smoosh her):

Laine started practicing walking (and now you know why I don’t post more often). These were taken on January 29, so you can get an idea of how she’s progressing:

January 30:

February 4:

Kids playing in the sandbox on a sunny day:

Laine invading Isaac’s personal space, which she does a LOT:

I picked up Isaac after school yesterday and we worked on getting out some wiggles before getting in the car to come home for lunch and a nap:

Sometimes, Laine takes a break from learning to walk:

Isaac’s grandparents got him a spray bottle and a squeegee for Christmas. He’s been “washing the windows” with water for a few days now. He loves doing it! I follow him around and try to keep him from soaking things other than the windows. It’s been great for developing the muscles in his hands.

Our little fireman loves water. I finally gave up and ordered him rain boots today. When Austin doesn’t get rain for 9 months, I can now be blamed. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you enjoyed the update! It’s not that I haven’t had anything going on… I am just quite busy chasing 2 little people around the house, yard, school,ย 

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