Touch a Truck

Yes, this was like a month ago. Yes, I am just now posting. Sorry.

This was Todd’s birthday weekend. It was a free event in Round Rock where kids and parents got to climb on and into various types of trucks. Every little kid’s (and grandpa’s) dream, right? 🙂 Isaac had a very good time running up and down the ramps of the moving truck, but his favorite part was definitely the big sand pit where he could dig with plastic shovels. He was there for quite a while! Mom held our place in line at the backhoe loader until it got close. He also got to sit in a dump truck and a garbage truck. It was a bit scary to be so close to the trucks, I think. The theory is fun and exciting, but those trucks are pretty big when you’re not quite 3′ tall!

Isaac wore this sticker on his pj’s and his shirts every day until it wouldn’t stick any longer.

Driving the backhoe!

Family photo:

Judy had some more photos that I didn’t get. Unfortunately, our computers don’t like one another, so I am not able to include hers in this post.

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