The Road to Crawling

A story in videos…

October 16:

November 18:

November 19:

November 21:

November 28:

December 9:

December 28:

Also December 28 (roughly 1 minute after the last video):

Since I shot the last vidoe, Laine has not done a *single* belly crawl to get anywhere. LOL! She has been low-crawling to various places like the bookshelf, the small trampoline, or the bottom stair and then pulling herself up to a stand. She’s not confident enough to stand upright, but she does get her feet under her while she remains bent forward. If she could reach a little higher, I have no doubt that she’d be standing upright most of the time. Good news for mommy, however, is that “real” crawling seems to be new and exciting enough to delay her *wanting* to stand in one place, so she’s just motoring around and not standing for the last day or so. This is great because she stood on her own 5 times, at increasingly longer lengths, on Christmas Day.

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