Videos not working?

OK, so I can’t seem to post my videos. I am going to try an experiment to see whether this works. Please bear with me…

Mom, you should see that some things are underlined. These are links you can click on to take you to the videos on an outside site. I tried to make the links the first part of each line for you.

Here’s an old one of Laine walking. It was filmed on March 27.

Isaac on his bike in the park. This was taken a few days before his third birthday.

He is so fast!

Fun with bubbles (and Gma and Gpa).

Grandma fed Laine sorbet. Laine kept making this terrible face, but then she would ask for more. She did it over and over again and we couldn’t stop laughing!

Laine on the move. This was the day before Isaac’s 3rd birthday.

More walking! This was on April 22.

Isaac the mechanic got this toy for his birthday. He has really enjoyed it! There are several other kits available and I think we may have to get him some more.

I started making smoothies last month. The kids have started drinking them. They sort-of share with me. Or not, as the case may be.

Our little walker. She’s on old pro now, as you can see.

An afternoon ramble last week took us into the park.

Playing on the swing one afternoon last week. I wish I could have gotten more of Isaac laughing. He was just hysterical about Laine being on the swing and her moving around. It was fun to witness!

Dinnertime has become more interesting in our house these days. I just love watching these two together.

We play outside almost every day.

Laine finally swings for a few minutes at a time. Isaac would sit in there forever if I didn’t get him out. She’s too busy to sit “still” for long!

Laine bounces up and down anytime she gets excited (or frustrated) and I just love this expression of exuberance!

The Power Wheels is getting a workout these days. Today, Laine rode it into the park next door. Then we chased Isaac around a bit as he pushed one of the big dump trucks. Finally, I carried the dump truck (and Laine) home so Isaac could ride on his “truck.”

Dinner disaster! This was from tonight.

So I realized after posting these that most of them are Laine. Oops!!! I guess I’d better get some of Isaac up here!

Isaac finished school today. That should make it easier to get video, since we’ll be together more during the summer. HOORAY!!!

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