Growing Baby

Ugh! I wrote this March 28 and it never posted…

My baby girl is one! Oh, how the time has flown. She is SUCH a little darling! She is sweet and mischief, all in one. I can’t imagine life without her. She has taken to the idea of “toddler” very strongly and spent quite a bit of time just walking around yesterday afternoon. It was quite a shock to Todd and me!

We spent the weekend in Kerrville to celebrate Laine’s big day with Todd’s parents. They have been at an RV resort there, so we rented one of the on-site cabins close to them. It was a perfect arrangement and we will definitely plan to do it again (though preferably without Todd getting a stomach flu next time). We celebrated on Saturday to maximize the chance to enjoy warm weather before the cold snap blew in for Sunday and Monday. Laine had her first cupcake and enjoyed smooshing all of the icing around! 🙂 Isaac loved Laine’s choo choo train and they have been playing with it together ever since.

We returned home on Tuesday and everyone was happy to sleep in their own beds once again.  Laine opened a few more gifts at home, including a nifty Wheely bug from Aunt Krissy and Uncle Dave, a sweet dress and pants outfit from across the pond, a stuffed lamb with a Sandra Boynton book from the McCrackens, and a “house” from Mom, Dad, and Isaac.

Here is the video update from the past almost-month:
March 1

March 3

March 4

March 6

March 12 – this is their favorite game lately

Learning to walk on March 13

This past weekend…
This was a really cool treehouse at the RV resort

New toy!


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