New Vids

My giggly “ghost”:

Enjoying the rainy day at home. Before things got outrageously out of hand… LOL! We started off at home, then ended up splashing ALL OVER the park next door, which I did not video because a) I didn’t want to take my actual eyes off of Isaac or Laine and b) because I didn’t want my phone to get ruined in the rain and c) because I wanted to enjoy the moment.

Isaac has started hiding in the linen closet between bath time and bed time. Laine enjoys searching for him.

Tonight’s delay-going-to-bed antics:

First she wanted to play with Isaac, then she wanted to play with Jackson. She was tickled to pieces that she could take J’s bone, go around the rocking chair, and then give it back to him. Seriously, this is why all dogs go to heaven.

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