Porch Update

Lots happened in a positive direction on Friday and over the weekend.  Friday, the guys came to cut the post-tension cables, the house did not implode, and most of the rebar was placed to be able to pour concrete early this week…  maybe even Monday if the post-tension guys come back early enough!  Here’s a shot of the “team” approach to cutting the cables:

They used a concrete saw and just went right through the cables.

Then, they used a jackhammer to chip away around some of the cables to be sure they were still in good shape.  They were, thankfully.

Todd came home for lunch and checked out where the cables were cut.

We had lunch and I ran a few errands, hoping to miss the jackhammer.  My timing was off.  I got home just in time!  They brought an enormous generator, parked it in the front yard, and hooked up a huge pneumatic jackhammer.

Breaking up the pieces left by the jackhammer:
Isaac, Jackson, and I took refuge in the back yard.  Jackson found some sticks.

Isaac found a digger of his own…

Then he helped the dog find some more sticks:

I had an appointment that started at the same time the guys wrapped up the evening on Friday, so I didn’t get to take our “end of day” photos.  Unfortunately, the guy had already loaded up the trencher by the time I snapped the shot on Saturday morning.  We had large pieces of equipment multiplying in our yard all week last week:

Discussing the electrical runs:

Todd mapping out the electrical with the view from our front door behind him:

Isaac wanted to help Daddy dig.

Trying to run conduit under the sidewalk, digging the hole…

Hooray for DIRT!

Little Helper supervised from inside in the afternoon:

No more equipment storage in our yard!

Progress at the end of Sunday, including Todd’s electrical conduit runs:

Todd’s handiwork (the grey and white PVC tubing):

Our new lamp post, complete with electricity!

A little help to get the wiring to the lamp post set up from inside the house.

Ready to start the new week (though no one has been here yet today):

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