Porch, Day 3

Progress is continuing at our house.  Yesterday morning began with a lot of excitement, actually. I ran out into the front yard just in time to pull out my phone and capture the dump truck dropping all of the “new” dirt in our yard!  It’s amazing how much faster they could move the dirt with the right equipment than I ever could have without it…

First, they emptied the contents of the truck.  Then, they refilled it with the “old” dirt and with all of the shrubs they’d pulled out the day before.

Good riddance!

Shifting the load around in the back of the truck.  It was a fairly precise process once they started.  After this point, they raised it a few more feet, let everything shift, then a few more feet…  I am sure they thought I was crazy for being so fascinated by something they see & do every day, but I don’t mind.  🙂  If the shoe fits…

Our little sentinel keeping an eye on all of the work being done out his front windows.  He wants to be downstairs all day now so he can see what’s happening.

The machine used to compact the “new” dirt in place before the concrete will be poured next week.  It shook the whole house, but not as badly as I thought it would.  I could definitely feel my teeth rattling and was glad I wasn’t the one operating it.

The house as it looked at the end of the day.  You’ll note that the original porch slab is still there.  The post-tension cable guys came out this morning to assess the situation.  This was the FOURTH time they’d said they would be here.  If they hadn’t shown up, I swear that John was going to hire a hit man…  Fortunately, they were here.  They are *supposed* to be back again this afternoon.  The plan is to release the tension in the cables, chip away the porch slab around them, cut the cables so they are flush with the house foundation, re-tension the cables.  Let’s all hope and pray it goes smoothly.  I have promised Todd that Isaac, Jackson, and I will all stay out the back yard (in case the cables come shooting out of the opposite side of the house) and away from the front door (in case they curl up and come through the house).  For those of you who are concerned about Nestle, he has been hidden under the master bed for days and should be perfectly safe in case of either of those events.

A look at the front of the house at the end of the day:

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