Just Say "No" to Finger Food

We got Isaac some of the Gerber Fruit Puffs.  Actually, we got him a *lot* of them because they were at Sam’s Club.  He’s not such a fan.

When he did finally get the puff in his mouth, he made terrible faces and spit it out as soon as he could get it to unstick from his tongue, where it was dissolving.  It was entertaining to watch, although he didn’t seem to find it nearly as amusing as Todd and I did.  Perhaps if we shaped it like a plug or set it in the dog’s bowl it would be more appealing.  LOL

Isaac’s greatly enjoys standing.  He’s still not a great crawler, but can now easily go from a crawl to a sit.  This is new within the last few days.  He has pulled himself to a stand a couple of times in his crib, though not today.  He can easily pull himself to his knees from a seated position and is very proud of himself when he does.  Here’s a quick shot of the Isaac “making a stand.”

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