Bathroom Update #1

There will be at least one other bathroom update within the next 48 hours (I think).  Todd’s currently working on tiling the walls in the shower!  The bathroom counter and sinks were installed on Saturday and they look *amazing*!  It worked out really well for us.  We hired these guys to install our kitchen counters several months ago and were thrilled with the way they turned out.  We were going to use the remainder of the slab from the kitchen counters to install in our bathroom.  Since the kitchen install, the company has moved.  I am not sure whether the piece just didn’t get moved or it broke, but one way or another, they didn’t have the remainder of our slab (which we’d paid for).  The gentleman, Demitri, who helped us before told us to come pick from one of their other remnants and they’d just give it to us.  This was even better than expected!  The counters downstairs are very light and are exactly what we wanted for the kitchen, but we wanted something a little different for the bathroom.  Voila!  Ask and ye shall receive…  To give you a perspective, I’m standing with my back to the shower, the entry to the room is on my left (beside the tub) in this photo.

 Todd got the water running!

 We have drawers under the sinks, as well.  I love it!

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