Home Sweet Construction Zone

Todd’s been working hard on the master bathroom for the last few days.  He’s gotten quite a bit done!  The tile floor is down, grouted, and sealed.  He has cut the holes in the ceiling for the surround-sound speakers.  The vanity is in the room, though not yet attached to the wall.  The counter guy has come and measured, so we’ll have a counter this week or next.  There is a door hung in the door frame to enter the room.  Today, Todd tiled the front of the bath tub and cut the tile for most of the “deck” surrounding the tub.  I think it looks amazing so far!  (Parents:  we are keeping the door closed so that Isaac is *NEVER* in the room unless someone is carrying him).

Several people have asked me what Todd and I are going to do when the house is finished.  I generally just want to laugh at this question.  Todd’s working on the master bath now – including finishing the tile work on the tub and the shower and installing a toilet.  Then he’ll need to put up doors for the master closet and hall closet.  Once that’s complete, we need to finish the laundry room because it is about 5 degrees warmer in there than outside.  There’s still some minor finish work to be done on the stairwell, plus the trim in the nursery and master bedrooms and under the stairs, in addition to installing shelves and a hanging rod in the downstairs closet.  He’s going to set up the whole-house audio at some point since all of the wiring is run and he’s gotten most of the equipment.  I believe we would also like to park our vehicles in the garage someday, too, so we’ll need to sift through whatever is in there after the indoor projects are complete to determine how best to organize it.

My sister is working on designing a new front porch for us.  It’s going to be 2 levels and we’ll be able to walk out from the office and the master bedroom.  We’re hiring someone to do that.  We’re going to have the windows and the siding replaced at the same time.  Hopefully that can be done outside while other projects are still in progress inside.

Assuming all of these things are completed someday, we’re going to begin work on an outdoor kitchen/entertaining area.  We’d like to have a smoker and a fire pit.  Autumn is so nice here in the evenings that we expect to get a lot of use out of such a space.

Whenever that is done, Todd would really love to purchase a small plot of land from the park next door.  He wants to build a nice large garage where he can also have a workshop.  We’re also thinking that someday we might like to build on over our existing garage.

As you can see, we still have several years’ worth of projects in front of us.  This is why I find it so amusing when I’m asked what we’ll do when we finish.  I don’t doubt that this house will continue to keep us busy for many years to come!

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