Boys, Boys, Boys!

Yesterday Isaac and I hosted our friends.  We had a great visit with Allison and Anderson, Candy and Henry, Valeria and Nico, and Stephanie and Cash.  This group is the original group of mommas and babies that started meeting back in May.  My, what a long way we’ve come in a short amount of time!  Nico and Anderson can crawl anywhere they want now and Anderson even took a few steps for us yesterday!  At one point, I put Isaac in his ExerSaucer so I could work on lunch for the mommies.  When I got back, Nico and Anderson had joined in on the fun.  Henry was not to be left out, so we have a little video of all of the boys playing around the toy.  Isaac is, of course, in the middle of the toy.  From the left are Nico, Anderson, and Henry.  Cash hadn’t arrived yet when we captured this quick moment of fun.

Our gatherings have gotten much louder over the months.  Now that the boys are more mobile and more chatty, we are a much noisier group!  We also finish far fewer sentences – we’ll start to talk about something and then get distracted when one of the boys moves to close to another or steals someone else’s toy.  It’s a much livelier group!  I am so glad we can look forward to this each week!

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