Sitting Up!

Isaac has really gotten the hang of sitting up in the last few days.  He was sitting pretty well before, but now he’s better able to right himself if he starts to tip over.

I did manage to give him a bath by myself yesterday.  I put less water in his tub and turned him in it so he faces the other direction.  This gives him better back support, so he’s less apt to end up with his face in the water.

Isaac has also started a great deal more babbling.  Not that our house was all that quiet before, but now it’s even less so.  I am having fun with it because he’s making “M” sounds, so some of it sounds like Mom or Momma.  I was just telling Todd last night that it’s funny that I’m so eager for him to say Mom.  In another few years, I’ll probably be sick of hearing the word!  LOL  I can remember the following exchange from when my sister and I were kids:
Kristin or me:  “MOM!!” (for the bazillionth time that day)
Mom:  “She changed her name.”
Kristin or me:  “What did she change it to?”
Mom:  “I’m not telling you.”

One thought on “Sitting Up!

  1. This must be a universal conversation between a mother and her children. My mom used to tell me that and I would get scared because I didn't know her new name LOL


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