Isaac’s First Allergy Test

Isaac and I went to the pediatric allergist for the first time today.  She had the results from his earlier blood tests.  It shows he is not allergic to dairy, but is allergic to eggs.  This is good and bad.  Isaac is lactose intolerant, even if he’s not allergic to dairy products, so I am still not able to add them back to my diet.  I am a little bummed to hear that he is allergic to eggs, too, though.  This makes things like flu shots more challenging if we choose to get them.  I haven’t completely eliminated eggs from my diet, nor do I intend to do that.  I will just try not to eat them too often.  I am already reading all of the labels for milk products and I avoid them completely.  I just don’t think eggs cause quite as severe a reaction, so I’m less worried.  The allergist ordered some additional blood tests, so we went upstairs to the lab and he had to have his arms stabbed.  Again.  Darn it.  The tech at this lab was MUCH better, however, and Isaac didn’t shed so much as a tear.  He was quite a little champ!

The doctor also prescribed Isaac a new lotion for his eczema.  She said there are no steroids in the cream, which was a concern for me, but that it can be used to prevent some of the flare-ups. I forgot to get the scrip filled on our way home (3.5 hours after we originally left the house!), so I’ll have to let you know how that works a little later.

In other news, autumn has definitely arrived in Austin.  The trees in our front yard are changing colors and we’re bundling up in jackets when we go out.  We went for a family walk (minus Nestle) on Saturday morning.  Isaac’s new hat was just what he needed to keep his little bald head warm!

He also got in some play time with Dad and Jackson in the afternoon while Mom and Dad watched some football.  Jackson is getting a little more interested in Isaac.

Auntie Kristin and Uncle Dave got Isaac a “Hug-A-Bible” for his baptism.  Isaac is totally captivated by the soft cover on the outside of the book.  I’ve read him the stories, but he also just enjoys playing with the cover on it.

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