Settling In…Still

Last week, we got a little more settled into the house.  Isaac “helped” me unpack a few more boxes in the master bedroom.  There are only a couple of boxes left in the master, then we get to move on to the much more challenging guest room.  I am donating to Goodwill every couple of weeks as I clear out more things that we haven’t seen/used/needed in over a year…

Before the Funksgiving festivities started on Saturday, Todd got the pot racks hung in the pantry and we were finally able to clear the floor and counter space of pots, pans, and lids.  Hooray!
I have been asking for a picnic table for a few months now.  Especially with the cooler weather rolling in, I’d like to be able to eat dinner, and maybe even a few lunches, outside.  I was thinking we would buy one, but Todd, of course, had other ideas.  He found instructions to make an 8′ long table.

One of the next steps will be baby-proofing.  Isaac is more mobile every day!  It’s a good thing Todd has a 4-day weekend coming up because I think we’re going to need it to make the house a little safer for the mini-man.

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