Isaac was baptized on November 7, 2010.  My sister and brother-in-law agreed to be Isaac’s godparents.  They arrived for the blessed event late Friday night.  They immediately set about spoiling him rotten (not that they weren’t already doing that with their nephew)!!

Isaac wore a sweet little linen outfit that Judy and I found.  It was just perfect because the rector’s (priest’s) assistant had called to tell me not to put him in a hot, satin gown for the baptism.

The baptism itself was a wonderful event and the service was beautiful.  Isaac was baptized by Susan Barnes, the same priest who conducted our premarital counseling 8+ years ago.  Todd and I were happy about this because we’ve felt a stronger connection to her over the years (even if we haven’t been regular churchgoers).

After the service, we had a shindig at our house with enough food for an entire army.  Dave Baum stepped up to the plate as grill-master and the food was great!

In a fun twist, Dave and Kristin were supposed to leave for Virginia on Monday afternoon.  As it turned out, a bird flew into their airplane as it was landing in Austin, so their flight was delayed and they ended up staying another night.  What a great bonus!!!  They got a little more time to spend with Isaac and then left Tuesday morning.

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