Isaac has been a little more needy for the last couple of days.  I honestly attributed it to having 6 adults doting on him instead of just the usual 2.  Yesterday, we couldn’t do any activity for more than about 15 minutes before he started getting fussy.  I was actually much more patient with this than I normally would have been, though, which is good.  I didn’t even get a shower until Todd got home about 6:30, though…  Anyway, last night (as well as the night before), Isaac woke up about 45 minutes after I’d put him to bed and would *not* go back to sleep.  Both nights, I rocked him and nursed him and played a little, but nothing would get him back to bed.  So he ended up staying up a couple of extra hours both nights.  Finally, around 10:15 last night when I was doing a final attempt at getting him to bed, Isaac leaned back from nursing and sort of stretched.  I put my finger in his mouth and felt his 2 bottom teeth coming in!  No wonder he’s been so out of sorts!!!  I’ll see if I can get some pictures with the Moms’ Group meeting today.

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