Games with Grandparents

We had a wonderful visit with Todd’s parents as they were in town for the last week and a half.  They left yesterday morning to get back to Maryland before heading up to Pennsylvania.  Isaac had lots of fun with both of his grandparents.  Todd’s dad introduced Isaac to a tickling spider:

Isaac also mastered sitting up while Todd’s parents were here.  What a difference a week makes!!!  We couldn’t believe his progress.  It’s now much more interesting to try to give Isaac a bath because he wants to roll over and/or sit up in his little tub.  (He also wants to roll across the counter when I set him on it post-bath to apply some lotion and put his diaper on).  He is able to sit unassisted for a minute or more now, but not long enough that I can actually take his little butt rest out of his tub.  Maybe in a few more days…  This is his must-get-out-of-tub testing yesterday.

Anyway, he sits better than this now, but here’s a fun little video from Saturday where he was just getting the hang of it.  (And let’s face it, video of him sitting still isn’t nearly as fun).  It’s now possible to see measurable differences in his skills from one day to the next.  Unbelievable!

Grandpa wasn’t the only one who got Isaac giggling, either.  Grandma also got in on some play time and some sweet snuggles:

Finally, Jackson also got some attention from the grandparents.  What a relief!  The poor pets have been so neglected over the last 7 months.  It was good for them to have a little love lavished upon them.

In addition to purposely playing with Isaac, we played a great deal of Mexican Train (dominoes) while the grandparents, and then also godparents, were in town.  Isaac helped Grandpa by knocking all of his tiles down with one of his toys.

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