Daily Elvis

Isaac turned 7 months old on Monday.  I can’t believe how quickly my little boy is growing!

He’s gotten so much stronger over the last few days and weeks it’s really incredible.  This one is for Nana – Isaac can get his foot into his mouth.  Proof that he is my son as I am notorious for putting my foot in my mouth!

He is able to sit for longer periods of time, usually without too much wobbling.

He is learning to make new expressions.

Isaac is also much more able to move himself around and get to his toys.  My brother-in-law, Dave, has estimated about 2-3 weeks before we have a crawler on our hands.  We have a LOT of baby-proofing to do between now and then!

Isaac’s teething has made things a little more interesting at our house.  First of all, there’s been very little sleep for the last few nights.  I talked to Mom tonight about Isaac needing a change of activity every 15 minutes or so and she suggested that I dance with him.  A tangent:  one of my sister’s coworkers has a theory that Elvis is so ingrained into our culture that we are exposed to something Elvis-like every single day.  We refer to this as the Daily Elvis.  This was my Daily Elvis today:

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