6 Months Old

Isaac hit the half-year mark today.  There’s a quote to the effect of “the days are long, but the years are short” that seems appropriate to the last 6 months.   I had no idea what motherhood would be like.   I am enjoying immensely the chance to watch my son grow and learn everything.  This month, he has nearly learned to sit unassisted, how to consistently roll front-to-back, and occasionally roll back-to-front.   He is learning how to eat solid food and likes sweet potatoes, (just wait until he can have my father-in-law’s Kick-Ass Sweet Potatoes!)   He loves his baths and takes great pleasure in splashing as much as possible.   He watches for the dog to enter a room and then laughs and kicks as soon as he sees Jackson.   He has lots more hair than he did at birth, but it’s still not enough hair to show up in most of his photos.  Isaac is an amazing blessing in my life.

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