More Food

Isaac wasn’t a huge fan of the rice cereal.  I gave it to him 2 days in a row, but he started crying half-way through the second time and I didn’t want to traumatize him, so I quit trying to feed it to him.  I talked to my fab mommy-friends yesterday, all of whom were trying much funner things than cereal.  I decided we’d skip the cereal today and we tried sweet potatoes mixed with some milk, instead.  Success!  He loved the sweet potatoes.  I started with one teaspoon of the potatoes (same as I did with the cereal), but then mixed up another 1/2 teaspoon when he finished off the first serving!  Hooray!  I’m so glad that he seems to like the food in general, if not the boring old cereal…  Fortunately, Grandma made Isaac some nice big, terry cloth bibs, so he didn’t make nearly as big a mess of orange stuff as I’d anticipated.
Here’s a little clip of Isaac enjoying his lunch today:

He liked it so much, he was even ready to eat the bowl afterwards!

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