Professional Pictures

We had Isaac’s 6-month photos taken yesterday.  Todd’s co-worker (and our friend), Nicole, has her own professional photography business.  She came to our house and we took pictures in the back yard.  Isaac was remarkably cooperative through the whole process.  Nicole was wonderfully patient and it took us nearly 2 hours to get all of the shots we wanted, with plenty of breaks for Isaac’s comfort in the midst of the shoot.  We had a really good time trying different poses and angles.  Nicole took about 200 photos throughout the visit.  Next, she’ll apply some filters and do some light editing/cropping.  Once she’s finished, she’ll upload the pictures to her web site so everyone can order directly from her if they’d like.  Todd and I will also get a DVD of all of the pictures she took.  I can already tell there are a few that will be made into larger prints so we can display them around the house!

This is a picture Allison took on Wednesday of Isaac working on his sitting skills.  He gets a little stronger every day, so he’ll be sitting on his own in no time.

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