Stairs Have Carpet

Todd finished up the carpeting on the stairs yesterday.  We keep remarking how much quieter it is now!  I had no idea than one simple thing would make such a difference.  I’m really glad now that I stuck to my guns on carpeting the stairs instead of using wood.  When I worked for a custom home-builder, I used to sit across from the girl who helped clients make their selections.  She always discouraged anyone who wanted hardwood stairs because she said it was incredibly loud in the house.  We’ve been walking on wood stairs since Todd rebuilt the staircase before Isaac was born and you could always hear what was going on in the stairwell.  This was a bit of a pain since Isaac’s room is right next to/over the stairs.  I can’t even hear Todd and Jackson go up and down the steps any more.  It’s really great!  I think it looks terrific, too.  I will let you judge for yourself, though.

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