Learning to Sit Up

I am doing the single-parenting gig this week while Todd’s doing a whirlwind tour of the Midwest.  Isaac is improving his sitting skills and is getting stronger and stronger.  He is able to sit on his own for brief periods, but not long enough for me to let go, focus the camera, and take a photo of it.  :o)  I’m sure that’s coming soon…  In the meantime, I took a few pictures of him sitting in front of me so that if he fell I could keep him from banging his head on the base of his portable swing, which he has of course done a few times now.
I also shot a few videos, but the best one has a lot of light coming through the window in the background.  If you’ll forgive the shoddy camera-work, you might enjoy this little video.  Todd’s boss, Jamie, gave Isaac this fun ball that he’s playing with.

Isaac continues, of course, to be fascinated by the pets.  He watches Nestle some, but Jackson is more exciting because he’s more enthusiastic about everything.  Nestle moves more slowly, so he isn’t quite as enthralling.  Jackson continues to mostly ignore Isaac, although every now and then he’ll make a little effort.  Those little moments make Isaac’s day.  I’d like to pet on Jackson to thank him, but every time I pet the dog and then touch the baby, Isaac breaks out where I’ve touched him.  I am happy to let Jackson lick him, but then I pretty quickly wipe him down with a wet wipe a few minutes later.  I guess he’s just going to have to get used to being broken out once he goes mobile because I won’t be able to keep him away from Jackson (nor would I want to do that).  Here’s a quick (okay, it’s actually over 40 seconds) clip from earlier today, after Isaac got tired of trying to sit up:

Tomorrow, Isaac has his six-month appointment with the doctor.  Unfortunately, this will mean more shots, including a flu vaccine.  Ugh.  Apparently the flu vax has to be given in 2 doses, so we’ll have to go back for the rest of it at a later date.  On the bright side, I can find out how long and heavy he’s getting.  As it is, I’m soon going to have to start leaving the car seat in the car because he’s getting too heavy for me in the carrier.  We’ll need to buy his next car seat soon, as the limits on this one are 22 lbs. and/or 30 inches.  I expect he’ll weigh too much to safely use this one by Christmas, but it’ll be a few more months after that before he’s 30 inches tall.

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