2 Isaac Videos

The camera work on these is a shoddy, but they were too fun not to share.  They are shots of our favorite baby, so hopefully you’ll forgive me.

In the last 2 days, Isaac has found this fun new thing…  his tongue.  He is totally hilarious as he sticks his tongue out and back in and tries to figure it out.  I was holding a mirror in front of him earlier today so he could watch his own silliness.

After I finished filming this one, we were being silly while I still had him on the changing table.  I was trying to blow raspberries on his belly.  He LOVES this and will just laugh and laugh as soon as I take a deep breath!  The only problem is that he tends to get a handful of my hair right at the roots.  So I have to keep doing it.  :o)  There are worse problems to have, right?  His laugh is so infectious that I just couldn’t resist taking a video, even though it’s really not the best film-work ever recorded.

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