Nestle to the Vet

I took Nestle to the vet this morning.

A few months ago, he started peeing on a section of carpet in the den area.  We attributed this to Isaac’s arrival for two reasons:  1)  Nestle very rarely got any attention because he already refused to be in a room with Jackson and now didn’t want to be near Isaac, either, and 2) we weren’t great about cleaning out his litter box.  So…  Todd pulled up the section of carpet in question and replaced the padding and will hopefully replace the carpet once the hardwood floors are installed.  Nestle was locked in the bathroom for 3 days to get reacquainted with his friend, the litter box.  I tried to clean out the litter box every morning.  Nestle got over some of his avoidance of Isaac and would come around so I could occasionally pet him.  Then, I got tired of Jackson “helping” us clean out the litter box, so I turned the box to make it harder for Jackson to put his head in it.  Theoretically, Nestle should still be able to get into the opening and should like it because it’s more of a confined space now (which he generally likes).  In actuality, the shower curtain partially covered the opening.  As Nestle doesn’t particularly care for using the box anyway, he decided to use the carpet in our office instead of the litter box.  <>  This earned him another couple of days locked in the bathroom with his food, water, and the turned-back-to-its-original-position box.  That was last week.  We have had the office door closed so that Nestle can’t get in to further soil the carpet.  Two days ago, we found ANOTHER spot on the den carpet that Nestle recently used.  This one is across the room from his original location.  More carpet cleaning, plus 2 more days in the bathroom until there was time to take him to the vet.  Today, they are checking some things and looking for an infection via some urine samples and blood work.  The total for this is going to be in the neighborhood of $300.  Add that to the cost of carpet pad, the little Feliway refills I have purchased (it’s like kitty Prozac in the form of a Glade plug-in), and the amount of therapy I’m going to need from the stress of having our cat destroy the carpet in ANOTHER house…  I am thinking I will ask the vet if they’d like to keep him.

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