Team Spirit

I got a wonderful treat this morning!  The mommies from my New-Mom’s group got together for brunch.  Our husbands took care of the boys, so the girls got a chance to do our hair, make-up, and I even wore a skirt!  Woohoo!  Stephanie and I got very nutritious Bloody Marys.  Valeria, Allison, and Candy opted for mimosas.

Because the Hokies are playing JMU in football today, I got Isaac into some of his Hokie-wear when I got home (as I was already in my Hokie Girl shirt).  I believe this outfit is from Todd’s cousin, Doug.  Here is a quick shot of us!  In case you don’t remember, this is what I look like when I’m all cleaned up and wearing minimal baby drool…
Isaac is saying “Go Hokies!”

He likes this outfit.  He has a couple of new onesies from VT, as well, but we need to wash them before they can be worn (so don’t worry, Aunt Krissy, they’re here).

OK, one last picture.  Just for good measure…  :o)

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