My previous life…

I had an interesting conversation on the phone with my sister last night. I was telling her all about the wonderful brunch I had with my other Baby Mama girlfriends. One of the topics at breakfast was what we had done “in our previous [pre-baby] lives.” She didn’t care for the phrase “previous lives”. It’s a phrase I have been known to use regularly. Granted, usually when I said it, I was at work saying things like’ “well, in a previous life, I worked for a custom-home builder” or “in a previous life, when I thought I could rule NYC at the ripe old age of 24″… I definitely think of my life differently now that I have a child. I can no longer look at the world as though I am not a mother. I can’t remember what my thought processes were like before Isaac entered my life. So I really do think of the days before Isaac as a previous life. Days when could sleep in on Saturdays, eat out when I liked, and carry a purse smaller than most women’s wallets… All that said, her reaction to the phrase did give me pause. I didn’t, after all, die (although for a few hours there, it seemed tempting) giving birth. As poetic as it would sound, I was not then re-born with my son.

My career path (life?) has taken a sharp left over the last 2 years! I was never much of a ladder-climber to start, in spite of being very good at my job and rising quickly into management positions. There were nights and weekends I spent in my office and I loved it because I felt like a valuable contributor. There were other nights and weekends that I questioned my sanity doing, literally, exactly the same things. Such is the nature of accounting. Now, my job is to make sure my baby boy grows into a well-adjusted child. This is much more rewarding work. Some days it is much easier than the corporate career I left behind. Other days, I wonder how anything can be so challenging! Thank goodness I am not teaching Isaac values and morals yet!

Anyway, I hope Kristin doesn’t mind that I shared part of our conversation on the interweb. I just spent quite some time ruminating on this in lieu of sleep last night. Anyway, a picture of my current boss just because you read this long-winded ramble:

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