Patience is not one of my virtues…

Todd is in Belgium this week. He’s packed most of his clothing and toiletries, so even when he’s back in Austin next week, it will be more of a visit than a return home. I also managed to pack in our entire “European studies” curriculum to supplement the travel we are planning to do. Hopefully this means we are getting close. He has confirmed that our apartment is fantastic – thankfully it even includes linens and toilet paper. Hooray for furnished apartments!

We bought some vacuum-seal bags to shrink down the clothing. Thank goodness! We were able to send quite a bit of stuff over.

BEFORE: full to overflowing
AFTER: easy to fit it all in and then add more!

For now, however, we are STILL waiting to hear back about the visa. My sincere hope is that we will have a date by the end of this week. I have started packing my stuff, but I’m not quite ready to tackle the kids’ rooms just yet.

The large bag came in at 48 pounds and the small one at 35 pounds. No problem! That was Round 1:

Moving out!

Fun fact: once we move, we’ll need to register and give our local address to the town government. This will allow us to do things like get a library card. Yay! Our realtor informed us that once we’ve registered, the police will check out our apartment periodically to confirm that we are in fact living there. I thought that was fascinating!

I promise to let you know more as soon as I know more.

2 thoughts on “Patience is not one of my virtues…

  1. I believe the police just check once and once only that you’re living there. Leuven library is really good. They have an excellent range of English fiction.


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