We Have a Date! Sort of…

Hello friends! I have exciting news from Austin. We have a date for our departure to Belgium. Do we have visas? No. We do not. But we’re optimistic…

Todd’s been back and forth to Belgium attending lots of meetings so he can hit the ground running once the work visa comes through. He is not allowed to begin his “official” work there until the work visa is approved, but he’s trying to be sure the project doesn’t stall while we are waiting.

So, what’s happening with the immigration office? To be honest, I have no idea. Todd and I spoke to the attorneys on Tuesday. At least one of them said “I have never seen this process take 8 weeks, so I think we will hear something any day now.” It’s now been 7 weeks… I hope they are right.

Our hope is that the work visa will be approved within the next week. Once that’s completed, we will be in New York at the Consulate the last week of February. Then we will plan to move the family that weekend. I’d appreciate any prayers, good thoughts, or crossed fingers you can send in our direction. Thanks!

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