Marking Time

We are still in Austin! I know this has confused more than a few of our friends this week, so I’m here to clarify our status. I hope.

According to Not-Helpful Nora*, the person in charge of submitting and (hopefully?) notifying us when we’ve gotten through the first hoop of the immigration process, our paperwork was submitted to Belgian Immigration on December 31. This part of the process takes 4-6 weeks. Once that is completed, we will need to present ourselves in person at the Belgian consulate in New York City. Nora didn’t mention the need for a trip to New York until I specifically asked her when we could move. I asked whether February 10 would be a reasonable date, to which she replied that would be “ambitious” and then wrote that we would need to go to NYC. Every encounter with Nora seems to involve her throwing up her hands as though she’s surprised we have a question and is then followed by a new hoop we need to pass through in order to proceed. The hoops have been getting progressively larger up to this point. She’s not my favorite.

Today, I emailed Nora, who is out of the office. Thankfully, our ACTUALLY helpful Human Resources person at Todd’s office sent me the following message:

Since [Nora] is in the UK she might not respond until tomorrow.   I can give a little bit of information on your email.  As the application was filed on Dec 31st they attorneys feel like we will have the approval between January 31st and February 15th.  Once it has been approved it will take a few days to get in the system so at this time we are targeting mid February.

Below is the list of items that you will take with you to the appointment in NY.  Several of the items the attorneys have and they will be sending back to you.  My understanding is there is a link to make the appointment but you can do that until you have the approval.

Okay, back to Heather’s voice. I am hoping we’ll have most of this resolved by February 15. That is the date I’m bearing in mind as I try to sit on my hands and wait patiently.

This week, the kids have gone back to Treehouse. They need some routine and they’ve missed their friends. It’s good to have them back there and walking back in there Tuesday morning felt like a giant hug. Yesterday, we hosted our monthly book club party at our house. The party was exactly what my soul needed. And tomorrow we have a field trip with our Treehouse friends. Frankly, while I’m waiting to leave, I am deeply enjoying the relationships we have with friends here in Austin.

I promise to let you know more as soon as I know what’s happening!

* Not her real name…

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