Isaac: Halloween, Grandparents, and General Goofiness

Todd’s parents have been in town, so I have been busy having non-computer-related fun for the last week+ and haven’t bothered with much blogging.  Since I know you would like to know what Isaac has been up to, here are a few shots from Halloween, Wurst Fest, visits with Grandma and Grandpa, and some general tom-foolery.  We have had a great few weeks!!!

Isaac dressed as a Hokie Bird for Halloween.  I tried to get photos.  I call this, “I’m not looking at you…”

“I’m still not looking at you…”


Oreos:  it’s what’s for Halloween dinner.  🙂

Silly boy on the stairs

Isaac has found a new fun toy.  My shoes.  

All of them…

A demonstration:

Grandma and Grandpa brought a drill that was once Todd’s when he was a little boy.  It has been a HIT with Isaac.  After all of those months watching Daddy with his drill working on projects, now Isaac can work on his own.

Does this fit here?

Yes!  It does!  Now how do I pull the trigger?

Thanks, Grandma!

A little help from Daddy…

Figuring out the drill:

He loves this toy (and Grandpa is giving Mom a hard time, as you can hear in the “background”) LOL

Fixing his rocking chair…

He actually did get the drill piece into the hole where the screw is holding the chair together.

Playing with Grandpa, Jackson, and, of course, the drill set.  I guess I am going to have to face facts that my son is probably going to want to be an engineer.  Or a contractor.  LOL

Mr. Fix-It

Trying to figure out Grandpa’s creation with the drill set pieces:

Playing with Grandpa and Jackson:

Rivets on the couch!

Jackson and Grandma are fun!

Sneak attack headed for the dog:

Tackle!  (Yes, we have the best dog EVER)

Showing off his climbing skills:

Walking around Wurst Fest with Daddy:

Having lots of fun!

Up close and personal with a member of the band:

Mommy sandwich!

My parents love me:

Sleepy boy at the condo (day after Wurst Fest):

Bagel for breakfast:

Isaac wants YOU!

Sweet, sweet boy…

Shopping with Daddy:

…Avoiding shopping with Grandpa:

Cutie in the high chair:

A total ham:


Playing at the park with Grandma:

Dancing with Daddy in Walburg, TX on a Friday night:

Little charmer (one of my favorite pictures):

One of the few shots of Isaac standing still in our back yard.  I love this picture!

Back yard fun with Jackson:

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