House & Isaac Updates

Not much noticeably changed on the house on Friday, so I decided not to post an update.  In addition, Friday was the day I finally (nearly) cracked from all of this construction, so I thought a short hiatus might be a good idea.  The roofer kept climbing down and asking me questions I had no way of being able to answer…  Saturday, the roofer came and finished up both the “contract” work and a few extra repairs Todd authorized him to do.  The other crew were doing a lot of little finish work on the upstairs porch and it didn’t look all that exciting.  🙂  Today, however, they made progress even I can see.  They boxed in (with Hardie plank) a lot of the edges of the porch.  They did a LOT of caulking to seal things up.  They also started painting, which is very exciting.

Todd examining the porch progress Friday:

View of the house Friday afternoon:

Windows delivery (also Friday)!!!

Painted back of laundry room/garage this afternoon:

Painted back of house:


More windows!  The installer should be here tomorrow morning (and last Wednesday, last Friday, and this morning).  I blame the General Contractor’s scheduling, not the windows guy.  I will just be glad when they get them installed.

Painted side and back of house:

Freshly painted side of garage:

Front of house end of Monday (with paint):

Close-up of the encased gable:

In Isaac news, Todd and I took him to the park on Sunday afternoon.  We ran into 2 families (who also didn’t come together) from National Instruments, a friend of mine from church, and a woman I used to go to music class with over the summer.  Rather impressive given the size of this fairly small park… 

Self-feeding with yogurt:

First attempt at spaghetti (we usually have smaller noodles): 

We like spaghetti!

I want to go in the attic to help Daddy rewire the ceiling fans!!!

Isaac has a bit of a cold today and has been coughing, so I bought him some Little Remedies Saf-T-Pops to try to soothe a sore throat.  He had fun making himself into a super-sticky mess!

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