Tuesday & Early Wednesday.

The name of the game this week is WINDOWS!  The crew has been really nice and seem to be pretty efficient.  They got the first 4 windows replaced within 2 hours yesterday morning.  They left early today to celebrate a birthday, which I didn’t argue because I HATE to work on my birthday…  They will finish up the last 4 windows tomorrow morning.

Original window on front of house (den):

Bye-bye window!

Replacement window on front of house:

Sliding glass door that we have cursed an unknown, but very large, number of times:

No door at all (already an improvement)!

New door in place (and before Jackson jumped through the screen door a mere 5 hours later):

Original Dining room windows: 

No more windows!  This opening is actually wider than the one for the sliding glass door.  I didn’t realize it until they had pulled all of the windows down.

New dining room windows!  The center is a picture window and there are casements on either side.

A view from the outside:

View of the new windows from the front of the house:

Freshly painted surround for the front door.  I need to repaint the door itself, too.

View of front of house this morning (before new windows on top):

Isaac watching the men work.  Thank goodness his grandparents will be arriving shortly after this project is finished because I am not sure what I am going to do for entertainment!

New windows in the master bedroom.  So much brighter!

Front of the house around noon today (with new windows in):

More new windows:

Windows in the master bedroom:

There is a cold front moving across Texas and we are expecting a 40% chance of rain tomorrow.  Hopefully the windows are going to be sealed enough to prevent the rain from getting into the house.  There are gaps around the windows where new windows are perfectly square and the holes they are in are not…  Fingers crossed…

John, our contractor, came by this morning to walk through the project with the stone guy.  The stone bases for the lower sections of the posts are supposed to be installed this week.  Once that is complete, we can have the railings installed and I, for one, will breathe a huge sigh of relief.  They are also going to stain the concrete on the first floor and they still need to paint all of the ceilings, trim all of the windows, and stain the decking and shutters.  There are various other items, as well, but those are the “big” items remaining.

One thought on “Tuesday & Early Wednesday.

  1. Oh my! It looks so bright! I love the windows. It just so happens that my son is really good at leaving mouth, nose and finger prints all over windows – so if you ever want to test out your new window cleaning abilities – let me know!


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