Priming, Ceilings, Roofing!

Wow!  I didn’t post for a few days, so I went back to check what had happened since my last update.  The answer:  a LOT!!  I will let the pictures do the talking…  Apparently they are more efficient than I am…

Siding going up on the front of the house:

Siding and new door into office:

Side of garage with new foam board:

Todd was working on the lighting, so he bought this little transformer.  I like to the think of the next 3 photos with the theme music to Jaws in my head (Duh-nuh):


Duh-nuh, duh-nuh, duh-nuh…

Finished siding along the front:

…and along the side of the garage:

Primer!!!  Back of the garage:

Priming the back of the house and covering the overly-yellow siding:

Front of house primed and shutters removed around first-floor windows.  As you can see, they painted the old shutters without taking them down…  Lovely…

Street-level view earlier this week:

Primed area over garage (this is the side of the guest room):

Other side of the house, also primed:

Back of house fully-primed.  I apparently scared the foreman at this point with my picture-taking because he wanted to be sure I knew this was just primer:

Monday evening, a VERY welcome cold front literally blew in.  It ripped the tar paper off of the roof over Isaac’s room:

Ceiling on the upper floor – including Todd’s hatch to get to the electrical:

Installing the downstairs ceiling:

Roofers!!!  Oddly, I remember our house being re-roofed as a child and how abominably loud it seemed at the time.  With everything else we’ve had done to the house, it was quite peaceful to hear the constant rat-tat-tat-tat all day today as they installed the shingles…

Downstairs ceiling work:

Both ceilings and the siding/finishing work they’ve done on the front along the edge of the decking:

 Front of house at the end of the day today:

You can see the new roof!  They still need to come back (tomorrow?) to finish up a few things, but the bulk of the work is already complete.

Windows are due to be installed on Friday.  Tomorrow, John is coming to assemble the shutters.  They have really gotten quite a bit of work done this week and we are happy about that.  After much ado, Todd and I finally selected colors to paint the siding and the trim.  We *think* we have found the color for the ceilings, but we haven’t gotten a sample yet to make sure it will look like we think it should.  Hopefully we will be finishing up just in time for Halloween!

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