Thursday/Early Friday Update

Quick update while the guys are on their lunch break and I can get to the computer with less noise.  They finished siding the master bedroom/closet side of the house yesterday.  The framing crew wrapped up.  The door to the porch from the master bedroom was installed.  The dumpster was also successfully picked up in the afternoon.

Siding – they have filled in the missing piece.  That was where the “scaffolding” was attached.  (It was a 2 x 6 suspended in a somewhat scary manner).

View of the front after framing was finished and siding was removed:

Things are looking up!

Sights you generally don’t want to see from inside your master bedroom:

Supervising Dad while he runs electricity to the porch:

New door into master bedroom:

New door #1:

This morning, they put the other door in and started putting foam board up across the front of the house.  Hopefully they will finish siding today.

Our contractor, John, on the ladder while he checks in:

Hole is cut for the second door (on the right):

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