Siding Update

There isn’t much to report from the framing crew.  The house looks essentially (exactly) the same as it did in the last photos.  They are working on all of the tedious odds’n’ends that seem to take forever.  They should be done this week, though.  The exciting changes are on the back of the house.  They finished the vast majority of the siding along the back yesterday.  They, too, are working on some of the minor finishing touches across the house this morning before moving on to the sides of the house.  They are also trying to level out the roof over the back porch some.  It’s about 3 inches low at the edge.  The same crew should also be installing the doors onto the porch today.

The back of the house at the end of the day.  They got the siding all the way across the back and over the garage:

The trailer that was *supposed* to remove the dumpster yesterday.  The frame on the trailer broke.  Maybe the wood was wet from the rain?  Maybe the old siding weighed a lot?  I don’t know, but the dumpster is still here.  LOL

The mommies and our boys met at the park again yesterday.  The boys ran all over the place and we attempted to get a few pictures of them together.  As Stephanie pointed out, this was much easier when none of them could roll over or crawl.  🙂  Actually, it wasn’t all THAT easy before, but we like to pretend.

Cash, Isaac, and Henry on the purple dinosaur:

Isaac and Henry waiting for Cash to come back and play:

Isaac Walter – Tree Hugger:

Last night, Isaac had some black beans for dinner.  He had to have a bath immediately afterward.  But he really enjoyed his food!

One thought on “Siding Update

  1. Love all the pictures! I like how you say – Henry and Isaac waiting for Cash to come back and play – instead of the truth, which was – waiting for Cash's mom to put him back on the stairs so she could get ONE picture of all three boys.


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