Slowly but Steadily…

The house is still coming along.  The framing crew is back again today.  I am not exactly sure why the left early yesterday, but it doesn’t really matter all that much.  They are nearly finished…

The siding crew is still going strong.  They finished about half of the back of the house yesterday.  They also put up a 2×6 that they are intending to use as scaffolding today.  I am not sure whether I’ll be able to get pictures because I may be too afraid to watch!  They pulled the siding off the front of the house yesterday, which makes the porch look funny.  Todd needs to run electrical to the upstairs porch before they cover it back up.  If he doesn’t get to it until this weekend, I think it will still be okay.  They are working steadily, but there were some crazy cuts yesterday to work around the porch roof, windows, and doors.

Back of house, bottom with new siding, top with foam board:

Porch with no siding:

Side of house (the other side of the foam-board wall is the master bedroom/closet:

Over the garage:

Back of house (and scary “scaffolding”):

I also had an appointment yesterday.  The heart rate for the new little one is 149-152.  We are hoping to find out the gender in about 4 weeks!

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