MUCH more exciting Friday!

Well, after almost nothing was done yesterday, we got off to a much better start this morning.  THANK GOODNESS!  I was up from 2:00-4:00 this morning fretting over our exposed attic.  Todd left a voice message for John last night that we were concerned, but it was pretty late and John didn’t return the call.  This morning, Todd went out to talk to Bob directly about the work and how long it was taking.  Apparently, Bob hurt his back yesterday, and he wasn’t able to directly supervise his crew.  They obviously need constant supervision.  Bob was concerned about our exposed attic, as well.  This morning, he shifted the priorities so that they sealed up the attic some before doing anything else.  I am so relieved!!!  🙂  He also brought in another foreman to help while he’s gone (to the hospital?  to Lowe’s?  I am not sure where).  This guy is supposed to be the person who trained Bob.  He’s GREAT.  There is no way he’s going to let 5 drops of rain slow down the progress!  He has the guys working together and they are moving so fast it’s unbelievable!  If he’d been here the whole time, our framing job would already be finished (I think). They have easily gotten more done this morning in just a few hours than they have on any other single day of work.  I am thrilled.  I am now optimistic that they might really finish this job.

You may or may not be able to tell that this is far more plywood than was up yesterday.  Trust me, though, it is.

Looking up from inside the office.

Men at work

Looking down the porch from the office window

Street-level view

On the back of the house, we had an issue.  I ran out to do some errands.  When I got home 45 minutes later, the water to the house was turned off.  Oops!  The foreman for the siding crew took me out and showed me where they had punctured the hot water line coning out of the old water heater and running up the laundry room wall.  He is now gone to Home Depot to get something to fix it.  While I am obviously less than thrilled that the pipe has been broken and I don’t have running water in my house, I am ecstatic at the way the situation was handled.  The foreman showed me the puncture, apologized, and explained how they were going to fix it, and when.  HOLY COW!!!  If the people in my corporate job had worked that way, I might never have quit to stay home with Isaac!!!  I seriously almost hugged the man.  LOL

Fixing the broken pipe:

New window in the laundry room:

With all of the construction going on outside, Isaac got busy with the Legos and did some building of his own this afternoon.

Concentrating on building on top of a piece with wheels:

Proud of his creations:

Todd and Isaac explored the deck of the new porch this evening.  I love this picture because it sort of looks like they are in a tree house.  🙂

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