Less Framing and Less Siding

Today, the framing crew left at 2:00 because they said it started to sprinkle.  I beg to differ, since I was standing outside at the time.  I was somewhat perturbed; Todd is downright annoyed.  Todd is probably going to talk to Bob, the framing leader, in the morning.  If he doesn’t have a chance to do it, I certainly will.  I also think we should talk to John, the general contractor, as well.  They literally placed 4 pieces of plywood today.  I think they are still going to finish this week, if they actually buckle down and try to do that.  Bob told John they’ll be done before the weekend.  I’m not holding my breath that they’ll be done tomorrow, though.  On the bright side, the nice thing about plywood (and drywall, for that matter) is that it comes in big enough sheets that you see progress pretty quickly.  They REALLY need to finish, though, because every forecast is predicting rain this weekend.

This was 1/4 of the work that got completed on the framing today…

The other side:

 Street-level view:

Looking up:

That’s the news for the front of the house.  On the *back* side of the house, a new crew arrived today to rip off the old siding.  These guys are fast.  I was impressed by how quickly the concrete team did their jobs and I think the siding guys will be the same way.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes when a crew really WANTS to work.  There is no slacking off in our backyard; I can tell you that for sure.  They arrived, got marching orders, and started in right away.  They’ve already removed half of the siding from the back of the house!  The other good news on this crew is that they will be the ones to put the roofing on, so once Bob’s group finally finishes, the roof should go on in no time flat.

Tomorrow, there should be someone arriving to frame out doors onto the porch and also to frame out the new window going into the laundry room.  I am UBER-excited about this!  How freakin’ cool to have new doors!!!  They will have blinds between the glass since they are going to be in the master bedroom and (soon-to-be) guest room.  🙂  I can’t wait to see them!

On to the “snips & snails” part of the blog:  I am apparently the non-cooking mother of our mommy group.  LOL  Yesterday, we took the boys to a park, which was great.  The boys had fun, the mommies sort-of got to chat, and Isaac slept well last night.  While we were there, one of the other mothers asked me what I feed Isaac as “quick” food.  I didn’t think anything of it until I was telling Todd about it last night.  He was laughing that people think I don’t cook…  🙂  I had to laugh because I really don’t cook (at least for Isaac) – I had some suggestions.  Isaac loves those little Dole fruit cups, the ones packed in “real juice.”  



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