Upright Mobility

Today was an exciting day at the Walter house!  Isaac took a few steps while holding my hands.  Up to now, he pushes the chairs around in the kitchen, but he won’t try walking while holding onto Mommy or Daddy.  I am not sure he’s realized he can walk to get to a destination.  He sometimes cruises down the couch, but he seems to do it more for fun than to get where he’s going.

Anyway, this morning I had gone outside to set the cloth diapers in the sunshine.  As I re-entered the laundry room, Isaac was coming toward me.  He held onto my pants’ legs and stood up, just as he’s done a million or so times.  Usually I pick him up when he does this.  I was getting ready to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, so I wanted to keep both hands free.  I asked if he’d like to look in the dryer while I loaded it – it is, after all, a giant container.  :o)  I took his little hands off my legs and held them.  He turned around, and then took 4 little steps to the dryer!!!  I was jumping and clapping and carrying on like a lunatic!  LOL

Anyway, I managed to (sort of) take a video of Isaac walking.  He was trying to get his hands free so he could crawl because that’s faster, but he managed to get across the living room on just 2 feet.  I couldn’t be prouder!


3 thoughts on “Upright Mobility

  1. START PROOFING…even things that you don't think that they could possible reach topple over or get to…THEY DO!YAY for back pains for mommy, lol, just kidding, CONGRATS! You have all the right to feel like a proud turkey momma!!!!!


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