Isaac’s First Easter

 Isaac had a great first Easter! As you can see by his casual attire, we didn’t actually make it to church.  He had a rough night, so I slept in and we missed the 10:30 service.  I was going to try, then, to go to the 4:00 service at a friend’s church, but Isaac fell asleep at 3:15.  The best-laid plans…  I am learning flexibility.  LOL

Isaac played on his rocking puppy for a while (a birthday gift from Aunt Kristin and Uncle Dave).

He got a bucket of Easter goodies from Grandma and Grandpa.

Jackson was also very curious about this…

Among other things in the bucket was a tasty, rubber, squishy toy with a ball that blinks different colors on the inside.

He got a new sippy cup.

Mom and Dad gave him some of the maracas he’s loved at his music classes.  They are just the right size for little hands!

The best part, however, may have been that the bucket was a *container*.  We all know how much Isaac likes to put things into containers these days!

Nana also got Isaac a cute little lamb with a top hat.  I was unsuccessful in getting a picture with it.  He held it in front of his face for the first several attempts – here you can see its feet after Isaac threw it.  :o)  Sorry, Nana.

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