Spring Update

Isaac in his high chair.  We spend a lot of time here now that he’s eating more and more (and finger foods)!  Here’s looking at you, Kid.

Isaac has learned to climb the stairs.  Here he is about a day or so after he first climbed to the top:

…and about a week later racing his friend, Henry, to the top of the stairs at Henry’s house:

First trip to the pool.  We went to my friend, Tori’s, house.  I took some of Isaac’s bath toys along. He was fascinated by the little fountain you can see behind him.  It was just the right height for him to stand by it and put his hands on top.

Baby storage solution?

“How does this latch work?”


Hooray, beer!  (Don’t worry, he’s still too small to reach the handles).

Exploring under the stairs.  This little hole leads into the coat closet.

“Helping” dad with the wiring.

Finally, “dancing” with Dad:

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