House Update (Finally)

Todd has made major progress on the shower.  We need to get to work on picking out doors…

There is even a cool little seat in the middle there:

Todd also got a new leaf blower a few weeks ago.  It’s the kind that he wears on his back and is much more powerful than the old one.  It has definitely been worth the investment!!

I have planted a few little plants in a patch of the Druid Ruins in our backyard.  I had help, as you would imagine…

I am not sure whether you can see the soil smeared all over his mouth.  He had fun with the scoop and the dirt/mud while I tried to clear the bed of weeds.

Here’s our final result – one jalapeño pepper, one banana pepper, one Roma tomato, one oregano, and one lemon thyme.  Now let’s see whether I remember to water them every day…

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