Birthday Party!

Wow!  Today was an amazingly fun time!!!  Today, we celebrated Archer, Henry, Cash, and Isaac’s first birthday.  We had a huge party for all 4 boys and they had a blast.

Isaac had his first taste of sugar and I think it’s safe to say he liked it.  We got all 4 boys to sit at a little table in the yard so they could enjoy their cupcakes.  We lit candles (and kept all fingers away from the flames) and then let the boys dig in.  Isaac went FACE FIRST!!!  It was absolutely hilarious!  All of the kids played with the water/sand table and we got pictures of the birthday boys, their mommies, and the Baby Mamas.  Here’s a hint of the festivities from today:

The fun (messiness) is about to begin!

 “Let’s get started, Grandma!”

Preparing to taste the cupcake:

 The first taste:

 Hm, this is pretty good!

 What is this thing?

 Who cares?  I’ll just dive right in!
No hands required

Cash’s icing mustache.

“WOW! Have you tried one of these?  They’re terrific!!”
Starting on the “cake” part of the cupcake

Isaac’s face… The “after” picture!

Icing on the elbow

…and the foot.


Isaac says, “YAY! for cupcakes!!!”

Sitting with Mom for photo ops:

Playing with his new sand/water cart.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

 Anderson is having fun, too!

“Hey, Isaac, check this out!”

“That’s pretty neat, Anderson!”

Fun with sand

 Hooray for messes!

All of the birthday boys:  Cash, Archer, Isaac, and Henry sporting their super-cool birthday shirts that Bethany (Archer’s mom) made:

 The Baby Mamas! 

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