Pool Weather & Video Update

Isaac got to experience the pool for the first time today.  It was sunny and in the 70s, so we took advantage of it.  I used the hose to put most of the water in, but then added some more warm water just to be sure it wasn’t too chilly for Isaac.  He took a few minutes to get used to the idea, but then he played for about an hour in the water!

Here’s a little video of Isaac having some fun in the sun.

These are a couple of quick videos shot over the last few weeks of Isaac doing his Isaac thing.  I thought those of you who hadn’t had an Isaac fix in a while might enjoy watching a few of these.  The first video is Isaac on the move, crawling after the dog, as usual.

Our little boy stands all the time now:

A little fun with Dad after work:

Here he is in the midst of pulling every toy out of his toy bin (the truck Todd’s PopPop made for Todd when he was Isaac’s age).

Wednesday, a couple of friends came over to play.  The dogs in the backyard, of course, were the highlight of the boys’ day…

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