I have been meaning to post this since Sunday.  Sorry for the delay!  I know you’ve been wondering what has happened around the house lately.  Todd has gotten most of the baseboards up, but still needs to do some caulking around them and touching up the paint.  Still on the list for baseboards are the hall closet and the pantry.  He is not speculating when he’ll be finished, but I’m hoping it will be by Christmas.  I’m not holding my breath, though, since we’ve had lots to distract us the last few weeks.  This weekend’s priority is going to be baby-proofing since we’re soon going to have a crawler…  Here are a few photos to highlight our most recent updates.

The pantry door; first it’s closed, then slightly ajar.  This way you can see that it says “Pantry” on the glass part.  The light switch is in the door frame, so it turns on when the door is opened and off when the door closes.

The new 8′-long picnic table that Todd made:

Repairs to the fireplace.  The stones came off the side when the paneling was removed, although I didn’t hear exactly how/why that happened.

A comparison between the old TV and the new.  And Todd’s creepy mustache from Mo’vember…  I think it was to bring awareness to men’s health – maybe prostate health?  We are now onto Decem-beard…

The now painted and finished front door surround.  It looks incredible.  Todd did a great job.

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