Still Not Crawling…

… but ever closer.  I think Isaac will probably be crawling by this weekend.  He has started to get up on all four, and then rocks backwards and forwards with all of his might (it’s actually what woke me up yesterday, since he was doing it in his cosleeper and the whole thing was rocking)!  Now, he pushes way up on his hands and ends up pushing himself backwards.  While this doesn’t sound like he’s going in the right direction, he actually has stopped rolling to get around as of last night.  Up until last night, that’s how he’s gotten everywhere he’s gone.

Last night, he wanted a cup on the floor behind him.  He looked back over his shoulder, pushed himself back a couple of times, then spun around on his tummy and grabbed the cup.  It was pretty cool to watch him doing  some problem-solving all on his own.  Also, if you look in the background, you will notice there are baseboards in this video!

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